Learn How to Sell Shares

Let’s Fund Your Dreams…

Everyone has a dream, it’s individual to you, or maybe you too want to buy an Aston Martin DB6. The point is maybe it’s time to free up some cash by selling your shares or options. Maybe you need to fund a life expense, like buy a home, fund an adventure, live abroad, whatever it may be it’s helpful to free up some capital for those new opportunities.

All shareholders have a right to liquidity. Whether you’re a large or small shareholder, Linqto can make it happen, and make sure you understand the transaction, the timeline and the full process so there’s no grey areas

What do we mean? Here’s an example…

Let’s say you own just one stock option, where the underlying stock has a market price of $5 and the option has a strike price of $2. Your option is in the money to the tune of $3 – this is your unrealized profit on your option.

For many, coming up with the capital needed to exercise their options can be challenging, as the total amount needed sometimes stretches into the six or seven figures.

Linqto fronts the capital to exercise the option for you. In short, Linqto would buy that share from you for the market price of $5. When sending the funds to you, they would subtract the $2 exercise cost from the total amount. This allows them to recap the capital lent exercise the option. This leaves you with the $3 profit.

Who is the typical seller?

Linqto typically buys shares from employees (current and former), investors, institutions, contractors – anyone who holds shares or options in a company is a deal partner.



- No fees or commission of any kind

- Linqto is NOT a broker, but a principal buyer. So no third parties are needed.

- Free option exercise on shares we purchase

- Hands on approach

- High level expertise and advice

Please reach out below if you’re interested and would like to discuss the process further with one of our experts.

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