How Do Women Invest Differently Than Men?

The Only Women In The Room

How Do Women Invest Differently Than Men?

Women have been under-represented in private equity for as long as the industry has been around. Are there encouraging signs that the glass ceiling is cracking? This Linqto Learn investigates by sitting down and speaking with the women who've been through it all and have opinions. Let's have a look at the numbers... Recent academic and industry research suggests that women hold just 16% of senior posts in investment banking and 12% in asset management. In the world of private equity, it's estimated that around 11% of senior executives are female. If you exclude the legal, HR, and investor relations departments, which are thought to be more female-friendly, then the percentage of women working as senior PE executives is even lower. Why so few? This Linqto Learn is here to understand the underrepresentation of women and the challenges faced by women in the tech industry, both on the operating side and on the financing side. This Linqto Learn is intended to empower women with financial literacy and access to experts and investments. You do not need to be accredited to participate.


i'm advocating for women to invest right now as a matter of urgency because money in your savings account is not going to get you where you need to go i think the investing aspect of becoming a successful investor is what's going to make the difference in your life not how much money you don't spend just you know build an ear for investing even if you're not ready now just start educating yourself you know based on what women do what people you like do and how they do it there's a moment at which you have to go from good girl to bad if you actually want to be a leader and create impact and that's the moment where you have to say you know what there are boundaries that i'm going to have to push there are barriers that i have to break through and i'm going to have to be a different version of myself the good news is is like this is exactly when wealth is built and an event like this hasn't happened in 14 years so you can really take advantage of it those that just don't know where to start i mean uh you know this is this is why we say follow the link to folks look at where they're investing watch where the big money goes you need to look at your 401k you need to look at your eye you need to look at your ira you need to you know look at where you can trim the fat and you need to be investing having silver in your own possession is a is a great thing to do having you know linked to investments in your portfolio if you can as private equity is a smart thing to do and being wise about your equity investments right now is a very wise thing to do as well a little bit of attitude a little bit of not necessarily being more manly but showing as a woman you're not going to walk away and just cry in the corner that actually you're here to just stand with the rest of them the the powerful woman is the one who walks into a room and says i don't need anyone else's permission to be here i'm going to be here because i know i deserve to be here so i think whether that's investing whether that's entrepreneurship anything really in your life just walking into that room um remember that you're already a bad [Music]

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