Investment In Women-Founded Startups

Women-Led Startups: The Next Big Opportunity

Everyone loves the idea of a startup: One person or a small team of people starting a business by bootstrapping it and leveraging funding to become a million-dollar company or even a unicorn. That love for startups is deeply entrenched in the popular psyche. However, when most people think about startups, they don’t often imagine […]

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Investing during political and economic recession

The Global Investor Conference (GIC) aims to tackle these tough questions and more next week in Portugal. This year’s Global Investor Conference offers investors and investment enthusiasts an opportunity to learn about the latest trends in private equity and venture investments. In addition, the conference lets clients and guests in on diverse perspectives that can […]

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How to invest in NFTs

How to Invest in NFTs

At our last GIC in September, we asked you some live questions about NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Well, the polls are in and the results are interesting; 90% said NFTs were so much more than collectibles. 95% said that they were an investable asset class. But 66% said that they were not investors in NFTs. This […]

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