How to Invest in Web3

How to Invest in Web 3.0

We see the phrase ‘Web3’ used a lot lately and it is a confusing and vast concept to break down. There’s a confluence of a lot of things going on with Web3, and as investors, we sense that something big is going on here and we want to find signal through all the noise. What […]

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family office

Family Office New Investment Strategy

We are in a critical moment in history for family offices; a new era of high inflation, rising interest rates, and shifting technological, geopolitical, economic and climate terrain. So now is a great time for professional investors to reassess their investment strategies and consider new asset allocations because there are always opportunities in crises. Because […]

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Seeking Startup Funding

How Technology Is Helping Founders Find Investors

It’s hard to think of a single industry that hasn’t faced disruption in the last decade, and the world of VCs and investment firms hasn’t escaped that shift either. How investors evaluate companies and decide which startups are worth funding keeps changing. If you’re planning on launching a startup, or you’re already in the process […]

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