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Linqto has acquired FINRA broker-dealer and ATS licenses, enabling investors to sell their holdings at market prices without waiting for company exits, streamlining the buying and selling of shares in private emerging unicorn companies. Linqto will provide further details and a demonstration during their upcoming Linqto Learn event on March 30th.

This Linqto Learn will discuss the journey to IPO, which is longer today due to companies staying private longer. The Managing Director of Fintech & the Crypto Practice, Steve Lord, will share his experiences advising early-stage founders and guiding top VC-backed startups through the pre-Series B/C phase of growth. The discussion will focus on finding a better path to liquidity that aligns with the needs of shareholders, private companies, and investors with less friction, cost, and more flexibility.

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Great meeting everyone and thanks so much to Linqto for the amazing Conference 🇵🇹👊


Just a fabulous session Karim! I have never attended anything as enlightening. I was actually listening to you on my daily walk. The discussions and questions were just terrific and I hope to be able to attend more of these webinars in the future!


I've learned so much and I made so many new friends. This type of "access" to me was "PRICELESS". I'm grateful that I was allowed to partake. And I'm grateful for the Linqto Team. I'm eager to see the continued growth of this community.

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